Touchdown Flavors: Buffalo-Style Spare Ribs for Epic Bills Tailgates

Touchdown Flavors: Buffalo-Style Spare Ribs for Epic Bills Tailgates

Get ready to score big at your Buffalo Bills tailgate with a game-changing recipe that combines the rich smokiness of the Masterbuilt 1050 smoker and the fiery spirit of Buffalo-style spare ribs. Our Buffalo-Style Spare Ribs recipe is your ticket to a culinary touchdown, featuring mouthwatering layers of beer, garlic, honey, and the playful kick of Joey G's Hot Wing Sauce. Whether you're a gridiron guru or a sideline supporter, follow along for a recipe that'll have your taste buds cheering for more!


  • St. Louis cut spare ribs
  • Duck fat spray (the secret playbook)
  • American BBQ Project Beer Garlic All Purpose Seasoning
  • American BBQ Project Hotrod Honey Seasoning
  • Apple wood chunks or chips (the smoke signal)
  • Aluminum foil (for the huddle)
  • Unsalted butter (buttery agility)
  • Honey (sweet moves)
  • Joey G's Hot Wing Sauce (the MVP)
  • Buffalo blue cheese dressing (for the ultimate tailgate dance)



  1. Begin your tailgate pregame by firing up the Masterbuilt 1050 smoker to a game-changing 250°F (121°C). Toss in apple wood chunks for that unmistakable stadium-worthy smokiness.
  2. While the smoker heats up, prep your St. Louis cut spare ribs with a spritz of duck fat spray – your secret play to ensure that seasoning sticks like glue.
  3. Call the play by sprinkling a generous dose of American BBQ Project Beer Garlic All Purpose Seasoning and American BBQ Project Hotrod Honey Seasoning onto the ribs. This dynamic duo sets the stage for a winning flavor profile.

Smoking Once the smoker is ready to rumble, let your seasoned ribs hit the field – err, grates. Lock in the temperature at 250°F (121°C) for a consistent smoke show.

  1. Smoke the ribs for approximately 2.5 hours, allowing them to soak up that smoky swagger and develop an Instagram-worthy color.

Wrapping:Time for a tactical huddle – get your aluminum foil ready. In a playbook move, combine unsalted butter, honey, and Joey G's Hot Wing Sauce in a bowl to create a basting dream team.

  1. Give your ribs a pep talk as you transfer them from the smoker to the foil. Slather on that basting mixture like a true tailgate MVP.
  2. Wrap those ribs in foil, ensuring they're snug and cozy in their flavor-boosting pocket.
  3. Send the ribs back onto the field (smoker) for around 45 minutes. This is where the magic happens – achieving tender perfection. This short cook time will allow them to be tender without falling apart.

Finishing Touches: Release your ribs from their foil embrace. They should be radiating flavor and ready to tackle taste buds.

  1. Like a star player celebrating in the end zone, fire up the grill to high heat. Grill the ribs on each side for a short and sweet char, enhancing their flavor playbook.
  2. With the grilling blitz complete, let your ribs catch their breath during a brief time-out.

Serving: The final touchdown dance! Slice your ribs into individual bones and toss them just like chicken wings with a Joey G's Hot Wing Sauce shower – making them the MVPs of your tailgate spread.

  1. Provide a winning assist with a side of Buffalo blue cheese dressing. It's the cool, creamy teammate that'll keep your taste buds doing the end zone dance.

Your Buffalo Bills tailgate is about to level up with our Buffalo-Style Spare Ribs recipe, masterfully executed on the Masterbuilt 1050 smoker. This culinary game plan combines smoky finesse with Buffalo spice, resulting in a flavor-packed tailgate sensation that'll have your crew shouting "Touchdown!" With ribs that are tender as a Bills fan's heart and as fiery as their spirit, you're set to dominate the tailgate scene. As you relish each bite, surrounded by fellow fans and game-day excitement, remember: you're not just cooking ribs – you're creating an unforgettable tailgate tradition that'll leave everyone cheering for an encore!

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