All good stories begin with family

Hey there, barbecue enthusiasts! We're Ron and Kaity Roman, the faces behind the sizzling goodness of the American BBQ Project. A family-owned venture that's not just about flavors, but about igniting stories around the grill.

Let us take you on a journey that started with family, flavors, and a dash of Buffalo spirit.

Our Backstory

Our Backstory

Buffalo, NY bred us, but our passion for pitmaster expertise flourished in Boston, NY, where we call home today. The stars of our show? Meet Carter and Avery, our adorable duo who kick-started our barbecue odyssey. It all began in 2018 when Carter's dietary needs threw us a curveball. His sensitivity to dairy and soy led Kaity on a culinary adventure, reinventing recipes and reimagining flavors.

As ardent barbecue lovers, we hit a roadblock. Navigating the food market for soy-free rubs and BBQ magic? A challenge. That's when Ron stepped in, turning our kitchen into a flavor laboratory. Armed with love and creativity, we crafted custom seasonings that transformed our meals from mundane to mouthwatering.

A Flavorful Evolution

Then came Avery, doubling the joy and the dietary needs. As our family table grew, so did our passion for bringing people together. We traded restaurant outings for home-cooked gatherings, where laughter and flavors danced in harmony. Carter and Avery outgrew their dietary restrictions, but our seasoning experiments lived on.

The Genesis of American BBQ Project

In the heart of Western New York, fueled by determination, we embarked on a journey that led to the birth of the American BBQ Project. May 2022 saw our first sale, marking a new chapter in our flavorful tale. Our inaugural recipe? Kaity's Chicken Rub (Mama's BBQ Rub), a blend that transformed dishes even before smokers and grills adorned our backyard. From there our creativity took flight and we haven't looked back since. 

Crafting Magic in a Bottle

Mama's BBQ Rub and Hotrod Honey, a match made in flavor heaven, embraced chicken, pork, and seafood with a sweet and savory flavor profile. Commander in Beef? Versatility at its finest, elevating every beef and poultry cut to presidential levels. And for our plant-based pals, fear not! Our rubs paint vegetables with a spectrum of flavors – from corn and green beans to squash and potatoes. Lets not forget about our ultra popular Beer Garlic Seasoning, the All-Purpose Maestro. A bestseller, it effortlessly elevates eggs, dances on veggies, and transforms burgers into gourmet wonders. 

Flavor Unleashed

Versatility isn't just a tagline; it's our hallmark. Our seasonings are crafted with the perfect balance to complement your culinary creations. Whether you're a grill novice or a seasoned pro, our blends elevate your dishes, making you the flavor hero of every meal.

True to the Taste

From humble beginnings springs forth honesty and authenticity. We don't hide behind vague labels. Our products proudly shout out their ingredients, ensuring every customer's peace of mind. "Spices"? That's our secret herb blend – no tricks, no hidden allergens. Questions? We're an open book, ready to chat about our blends, sourcing, and anything else that makes your taste buds tingle.

A Flavorful Future

Join us on a journey where taste knows no boundaries. Our seasonings aren't just for everyday meals; they're the secret weapon in your culinary arsenal. From backyard barbecues to tailgates and even the fiercest BBQ competitions, our blends redefine the Gold Standard of Flavor!